Burlington, VT (December 2, 2002) – Always looking to produce innovative footwear, bag, and gear designs in the most efficient manner possible, Gravis is very proud to announce that it has implemented five key internal position shifts over the past several months that have significantly strengthened and streamlined Gravis’ upper management team.

Long-time Burton Snowboards VP of Marketing and industry mainstay, David Schriber, has taken on the role of commander-in-chief at Gravis, holding down the fort as the company’s new President. David has been an integral part of the Burton dynamic for more than seventeen years, transitioning over to Gravis roughly six months ago. When asked about his expectations and goals for his new position, he says, “We’re not out to achieve explosive growth overnight, although the growth we’re experiencing right now is a big stoke. We strive to remain team driven, focused on athletes and artists, which is how Gravis came to be in the first place.” David grew up skating, snowboarding and surfing, and continues to go shredding with his family as often as possible. “I belong to the culture of these three sports, including the innovation of collaborating with artists and putting fine art on equipment,” he says. “Combine that with my fascination for sneakers and Gravis is a pretty sick gig for me!”

Ricardo Camargo is a true Gravis O.G., having been with the brand since day one. Ricardo served as Gravis’ Director of Product for the past five years, and stepped up recently to take the reins as Gravis’ Senior Director of Marketing. In his new role, Ricardo is responsible for steering Gravis’ global marketing efforts, which includes managing a domestic and international marketing squad, and working closely with Gravis’ Development Team comprised of top dogs from the surf, snow, skate, music and art worlds. “My goal is to represent the Gravis lifestyle by leveraging our incredible product, team, and global events,” he says. “We perpetually strive to maintain our creative edge in our products and marketing efforts.” Ricardo has deep roots in the action sports industry, having worked at Burton Snowboards for a number of years as a product manager prior to his involvement with Gravis, and he owned two snowboard companies in the early 90’s. As Ricardo puts it, “Helping create Gravis has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career. The best part is, this is just the beginning, and we’re just getting warmed up.”

With Ricardo’s recent transition from product to marketing, Gravis is stoked to announce that veteran Product Manager, Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, has been named the brand’s new Director of Product. Anne-Marie has a wealth of knowledge in this realm, having worked at Gravis for the past three and a half years in a variety of product-centric roles. In her new position, Anne-Marie manages and oversees all three Gravis product categories including footwear, bags and gear. She is responsible for the creative direction, strategic planning and commercial viability of every Gravis product, with a goal of always maintaining the integrity of the Gravis product formula – i.e., creating products that incorporate superior comfort, quality and function, as defined by the brand’s global Development Team. Anne-Marie says her mission is to, “Push the envelope in product design and development in order to achieve a degree of change and innovation that sets Gravis’ line apart from all others, while making sure every product clearly showcases our mix of sport, art and design.” When she’s not putting her creative juices to good use at Gravis, Anne-Marie can usually be found snowboarding, surfing, or spinning records.

Manuel “Pepe” Landa, Gravis’ newly appointed Sales Manager – The Americas, is extremely well versed in the sales and business practices of the action sports industry. “I’ve been with Gravis from the very beginning as a sales rep for the Latin American market,” he says, “and I’ve woorked as a rep, distributor, and manufacturer in the surf and skate industry for the past eleven years.” Formerly Gravis’ Developing Markets Sales Manager, Pepe’s tried-and-true business experience and innate understanding of the action sport consumer, is invaluable. In his new role he is responsible for the sales management and distribution of Gravis products in all North and South American accounts, as well as all other export markets that report directly to Gravis’ North American office. A dedicated surfer and skater, Pepe’s main objective is “to continue building the brand by working closely with our sales rep force and dealers.”

Gravis is steadily gaining steam and recognition within not only the North and South American markets, but also within an ever-expanding number of international markets. To help support and guide the global growth of the brand, long-time Gravis Operations Manager, Jessica Lubets, has been named Gravis’ Manager of International Markets. Jessica has been with Gravis for three and a half years, and in her new role she focuses on maintaining the brand’s presence within emerging international markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Chile and South Africa, while also researching and locating new international distributors and commercial opportunities for Gravis. She’s responsible for sales, marketing and logistics within these regions starting at the grassroots level by working with distributors interested in placing the brand in core surf, snow, skate and lifestyle shops. Jessica proclaims, “As with all of our major markets, our international distribution will be focused on meeting the needs of our core consumer whom the brand was designed for, whether they live in NYC or Cape Town.”