Grand Prix Quarterpipe

Saturday the 17th saw Shaun White clinch his second Grand Prix podium of the year—securing his spot on the U.S. team for Torino. Saturday Night, after the halfpipe wrapped everybody swarmed into town around 7 for the Grand Prix quarterpipe session. No qualifying points would be awarded so the jam was a bit more lighthearted than the pipe event. More of a stunt oriented, crowd pleaser. And the crowd was thick as drinks and people were flowing out of the VIP tent. The setup was all big wave style, with riders getting towed via sled at the huge, icy QP and launching themselves into the dark Colorado sky. Following the snowboarding on stage was Digital Underground and Shock G, you know, the one that put the satin in your panties.


Kevin Pearce’s huge McTwist Japan
Otterstrom’s large, clean back five, back rodeo and invert
Danny Davis’ alley-opp back rodeo
Luke Mitrani’s insane airs around 30 ft
Dude passed out in the snow getting dragged out bare back


1st: Kevin Pearce
2nd: Chad Otterstrom
3rd: Danny Davis