Got Good Wood? Palmer does!

Portland, Oregon (Aug 9) ¿ Board brands around the globe put tons of energyand cash into developing that perfect ride. The infamous Transworld MagazineBoard Test 04/05 places the new Palmer Burn at the top of the list for goodwood among all boards tested. Comments from the world’s leading snowpublication claim, “The Burn has all of the high-end qualities that you’ˆdexpect from Palmer” with more than one Transworld tester commenting on thebase finish alone. “Pioneering the use of honeycomb in almost all of itsboards, Palmer puts the lightweight material in the nose and tail forenhanced performance.”

The Burn’s biggest story is the Klothoid sidecut, introduced this year forthe 05 line Klothoid technology allows the Palmer engineers to control thecentrifugal forces you experience as you go around a turn at any point.Results: Turn initiation and exit are smoother and more predictable with themain portion of a turn being tight and responsive. In fact, turning andedging were the Burn©Ë†s highpoints with testers. “Solid” and “edges well”were all over the comment cards. “For board construction and high-enddetails, Palmer is at the front of the pack”, concluded Transworld.

You will find the award winning Klothoid design and superior ride in othernew Palmer models Pulse, Honeycomb 3, Halo, and Factor at

Note: The Good Wood award is based on unbiased testing by pro riders andTransworld Snowboarding Magazine©Ë†s editorial staff. Snowboard manufacturersare given the chance to enter up to three boards from their collection. Foradditional winners and testing protocol, check out the 2005 TransworldBuyer’s Guide.