Oh, how lucky am I to be the cool butt-rocker idiot to tell my totally righteous gurgle-sluron the new Goodness release Anthem. You know, you could get a nice drawn out, dull, boring, and sophistowrite-up on each and every song, how radically talented the band is in concert, and how they should just becalled the Carrie Arke Band, but that would be stupid to read. When first listening to Anthem, you mayhave thoughts of music heard on an after-school show on Disney or Nickelodeon. You may imagine youare joyously bee-bop’n around in a single person airplane with your cuddly little Teddy Bear, dive bombing amaze of clouds.

For all it’s worth, this album is another tribute to the lead singer, who gives the album itssoul and hopeful accomplishments. Do not be surprised if you see Goodness perform in concert they have aheavier metalic sound. The singer will hypnotizingly entrance you with her beautifully powerful voice-whichwill probably make you feel like you have been ejected out the back wall, across the parking lo t, andbounced off the curb, keeping you in a mindless daze for weeks.