Giro Sport Design helmets led all other other winter helmet brands in sell through at specialty retail, according to a SnowSports Industries America (SIA) report released recently. Giro, the long-time leader in high performance cycling helmets, entered the snowsport helmet market with four models just one year ago. Its success was reported in SIA’s 1999 End of Season Brand Share Report.

Sell through is the ratio of units sold to units purchased. Giro’s sell through was 97.4 percent. The average sell-through for the eleven brands reported averaged 78.7 percent.

“To be the leader in this category in our first year of production is something we’re really proud of,” said Katrin Tobin, Giro’s product manager for wintersports. “It shows that our retailers and their customers appreciate the features, fit and value of Giro helmets.”

SIA also reported that retail margins averaged 50 percent on Giro’s helmet models. “Great sell through and keystone margins mean success for our dealers,” said Bob Borgo, Giro’s sales manager for wintersports. “This experience with Giro products has resulted in increased retailer confidence and extremely strong preseason bookings.