Photos| Anita Fuchs     Words| Jenna “Owner of Dag the Dog” Kuklinski

On March 3rd, 2018, the second-ever G.W.R. by Nikita Clothing event kicked off at Nesselwang Snowpark in Austria with more than 30 girls showing up. This is an event created with the sole purpose of bringing together any and all girls who ride for a free day of snowboarding, an open snowboard jam, and a place for each girl to push one another to add to her bag of tricks.

Start to finish, the event is crafted, coordinated and executed by a super talented team of partners and riders who all also happen to be females. Not to chat your ear off with this or anything, but creating a space that's formulated start-to-finish from the female perspective is something pretty unique and really cool to witness in person.

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With amazing weather and even more amazing Team Riders and coaches coming out for the event, the second stop on the G.W.R. tour was a knock-out. Taking place in the carefully groomed Nesselwang XL park, there was something for everyone to find a unique session on. From riding an Ollie-on down-tube, to people pushing themselves on the downrail or tuning up their boardslides on the user-friendly down-box, it was hard to keep track of all the AM action.

The morning created the kind of day no one at the event would forget. With a short break for some pizza provided by Templeton OW, things flowed into the afternoon as only a high-energy session can flow. Girls were awarded prizes as they landed their personal best tricks, and then the top five girls from that initial session moved onto a final jam, all competing to out-ride each other and win a brand new Nikita Clothing outerwear kit from the future circa winter 2018.

Ziggy Thomasson, all stoke. PHOTO: Anita Fuchs

Stand-out riding was seen from 10-year-old Ziggy Thomasson who showed up and proved that age is just a number and anyone can tear up a park, no matter how small. The coaches from Shred Unit – Lisa Günther, Madeleine Hündl, Hedieh Herzog und Vanessa Spremberg broke things down in the Taxi-cab feature, hailing tricks all afternoon. One special shout-out has to be made to Nadine Deimel too, who- in the course of riding that afternoon, broke her wrist showing off some new skills she'd learned that morning in the park. Nadine is one tough cookie, and everyone cheered her on even though she had to call it a day after that fall.

At the end of the day, Sabrina Weisenbach proved to the judges that afternoon that she deserved to be crowned the winner. Sabrina was awarded a brand-new Nikita outerwear kit of her choice, along with a ton of props from all of the other riders and girls who showed up!

Quite the amazing crew. PHOTO: Anita Fuchs

The second stop on the G.W.R. tour was beyond amazing. Between the energy from the girls' riding, to the vibes hanging out with the entire crew- it could not have been better.

Catch the next G.W.R stop happening March 31st in the US at Carinthia, Mt Snow Vermont! Nikita Riders Summer Fenton, Ari Morrone and Brooke Potter will all be showing up alongside coaches from Darkside Shop in Vermont and Empire Shop coming down from eastern Canada. If you haven't already RSVP'd, hit this link and do it now! There are tons more prizes to be given away, tricks to be thrown and good times to be shared.

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