Gilbert And Jones Take Triple Crown Slopestyle Opener at Breck

Deep in the bowels of the Vans Triple Crown slopestyle course at Breckenridge, Colorado was no place for soccer moms or weak ears. The wave of expletives flying from the mouths of certain competitors as they came up short on some of the jumps resembled something closer to an Andrew Dice Clay show rather than a snowboard contest.

Saturday morning found competitors awakening to blue skies, warmer temps, and a newly groomed course. After sitting through the pipe qualifiers, riders threw down in a veritable who’s who in slopestyle riding. The course, which was laid out into two lanes featuring variously sized tables, hips, and rails, allowed riders to combine disgustingly difficult combinations of Cab fives, sevens, and nines. Danny Kass, who qualified first, was spinning smoothly through the park all day and turning heads left and right. Erik Leines, Josh Dirksen, Eddie Wall, and Chad Otterstrom all put together amazing combos that left the crowd scratching their heads and realizing how good those guys really are. Being the first real contest of the year, this event also showcased riders’ new board graphics, as well as a reminded some how hard pack feels.

On the women’s side of things, Katrina Voultilanen and Fabienne Reuteler both fell victim to the course’s hard landings and had to be carried down in ski patrol sleds. Jaime MacLeod and Anne Molin Kongsgaard chose the right-hand line and spun their way smoothly into second and third, respectively. Jennifer Jones, a newcomer from England, choose the left side of the course and spun a smooth backside three and followed it up with solid straight airs to win.

The men’s field was ridiculous, with smooth combinations the standard. Erik “The Mule Leines was killing it with crazy inverted 900s, DanBo Kass slaughtered the right-hand line with backside fives and inverted sevens. George Oakley was consistently one of the smoothest of the day with two solid top to bottom runs to put him in third. In the end, however, it was the big, smooth spinning combinations of Etienne Gilbert and Josh Dirksen that earned the one and two spots. And one thing’s for sure, if this first contest of the year is any indication of the level of tricks headed our way in the next few stops of the Triple Crown, then there should be some crazy stuff ahead. See you tomorrow in the pipe.

Men’s Slopestyle Final Results

1. Etienne Gilbert
2. Josh Dirksen
3. George Oakley
4. Darrell Mathis
5. Nate Sheehan
6. Drew Fuller
7. Erik Leines
8. Chris Coulter
9. Eric Shaw
10. Danny Kass
11. Doran Laybourn
12. Eddie Wall
13. Andrew Hardingham
14. Matt Peterson
15. Justin Lamoureux
16. Colin Langlois
17. Chad Otterstrom
18. Ryan Thompson
19. Josh Malay
20. Mark Reilly
21. JP Tomich
22. Lane Knaack
23. Preston Strout
24. Jeff Nelson
25. Robbie Sell

Women’s Slopestyle Final Results

1. Jennifer Jones
2. Jaime MacLeod
3. Anne Molin Kongsgaard
4. Juanita Platz
5. Pilar Peterson
6. Dresden Howell
7. Macy Price
8. Natasza Zurek
9. Hannah Teter
10. Leslee Olson
11. Sara Osterberg
12. Maribeth Swetkoff
13. Jonnel Janewiscz
14. Katrina Voutilainen
15. Fabienne Reuteler