Gian Simmen wins Park City’s World Super Pipe Championships

Swiss rider Gian Simmen rode to the top of a world-class field at today’s World Super Pipe Championships in Park City, Utah. Tommy Czeschin and Andy Finch rounded out the podium.

Vindication came under partly cloudy skies for the 1998 Halfpipe Gold Medalist, who failed to qualify for last year’s Olympic finals.

Simmen killed the replicated Olympic superpipe with his signature big spins and mad style. Nose- and tailgrab bs fives, a Haakon, and a chicken salad (Gian admitted he was hungry) – all done at size – only hint at what he put down during the best of three-runs format.

Tommy Czeschin also carried speed across the flatbottom of a near-perfect pipe, nailing the variations he’s known for with enough amplitude to take the second slot. Pin collectors will recall that Tommy had it turned up at the 2002 games, only to get slighted by a panel of judges in need of LensCrafters.

Andy Finch, with his arm cinched tightly to his side due to chronic shoulder blow out, smoothed his way through one inverted trick after another for third.

Insanity was also dealt by French Canuck Guillaume Morriset (who teched with switch hits), and Jan Michaelis. Jan absolutely blew minds until exploding his forearm at the end of run one. Spinster Marku Koski and a slew of Scanners were also on hand.

1. Gian Simmen Arosa, SWZ 94.00 $15,000
2. Tommy Czeschin Mammoth Lakes, CA USA 93.00 $8,000
3. Andy Finch Fresno, CA USA 92.67 $4,000
4. Guillaume Morisset Stoneham, QC CAN 91.00 $2,000
5. Ross Powers Stratton, VT USA 90.67 $1,000
6. JJ Thomas Golden, CO USA 90.67
7. Elijah Teter Belmont, VT USA 90.33
8. Antti Autti Rovaniemi, FIN 89.67
9. Miikka Hast Rovaniemi, FIN 88.33
 10. Halvor Lunn Kongsberg, NOR 86.00
 11. George Oakley Rogue River, OR USA 83.33
 12. Ricky Bower Park City, UT USA 68.67
 13. Markku Koski Sievi, FIN 53.67
14. Jan Michaelis Munich, GER 52.00