After wrapping things up at Bear Mountain, the Burton “Get Off On The Bus” tour was getting ready for an all-night drive in route to Park City. After getting some calls and checking the web over a Chinese dinner, the crew saw bad weather for the first day in Utah. The decision was made to break up the eleven-hour drive and spend the night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Luke and Keegan skated to strip and got kicked out of about five different spots. Other than that, there’s not much else to tell about the night because nothing ever really happens in that town. Ha!

In the morning, the bus made a stop by the airport to drop off Mikey Rencz so he could make a photo shoot in Whistler for a couple of days. Mikey will be joining the tour again in Colorado. After that, the crew headed over to Sunny Breeze skatepark and the riders sessioned the park with some locals. Check out the photos compliments of Blotto. The bus is heading to Park City tonight to check out the pipe and a jump tomorrow. Should be a good time!