Get Off On The Bus Tour: Update #3

Today was the second day in Mammoth on the Burton “Get Off On The Bus” tourand the crew’s last chance to get shots on the big kicker before heading out to Bear Mountain. The guys got up to the hill at 10 a.m. to cruise the park on the main side of the mountain. To get things rolling, filmer, Sean Aaron, was doing follow cams of Mason, Danny and Kevin through the park hitting the rails and jibs as well as warming up on the jumps.

The sun was shining but the wind was in and out, so everyone was hoping for itto mellow for the evening session. The crew took a mid-day break hanging on the roof of the bus and Keegan and Luke had a little skate session in the parking lot. The guys also ran into Burton Team Manager, Michael Gardzina, and Burton photographer, Jeff Curtes, along with the entire “Smalls” crew who were on their first day of a week long shoot with Warren Miller. All the mini shreds came on the bus to check it out and hang with the riders. Then the Smalls kids, some as young as 7 years-old, hit the park killing the kickers and ripping the pipe.

Once the lifts closed and all of the crowds had disbursed, the crew met up withOren and the Mammoth park crew for cat and sled access to a private shoot ona freshly manicured 65-foot kicker. The wind quieted down just in time for the sunset session. With Blotto and Sean up in a cage on the gondola, they were able to do follow cams and get some unique shots. Eric Hemans, from Fuel, and Greg, from TPS Reports, were also there to capture what was going down.

Things really got going when Mason stomped a smooth front seven tail grab on his second jump and a front ten shortly after. The session kicked off with stomps, had a few crashes and finished off in the sunset with stomp after stomp follow cams. Danny, Mason and Kevin all landed front tens, and Cab nines. Jack had a nice Cab nine of his own. Rencz was doing these sick underflip fives and smooth back fives that everyone was pumped on. Keegan and Luke put down some steezy front threes. The session went off and left everyone feeling good getting back on the bus. After a stop at Wave Rave in Mammoth to say what’s up, sign some posters and pick up some skate and snow movies for the bus, it was off to Bear Mountain and the overnight drive ahead.