Xbox 360

Overview:Grab your paddle and get knee deep in the competitive world of Ping-Pong—I mean, table tennis.

Gameplay: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this game because, to be perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest fan of table tennis. But after my first tournament, I was screaming out my own victory chants and rolling on the floor in delight. In the tournament mode, you play circuits against a variety of players in different locations. The more you win, the more items you unlock. There’s also an exhibition mode where you can play against individual players in non-ranked matches you set up. The controls are simple, but remember it’s all about the way you hit the ball. Try out the different options of delivering —back spin, top spin, left and right spins, and soft serve. Once you get these dialed, it’s time to bust out the sweatbands and annihilate your foreign competitors.


Sound:A good mix of beats that are sometimes overshadowed by the haters in the audience. Who knew fans of table tennis were so rowdy?


Overall Rating:A perfect 10.