Game Over: Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland


PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360/GameCube/Nintendo DS/Game Boy Advance

Being the eighth release in the Tony Hawk series, American Wasteland has some big shoes to fill. This game is loaded with new options, challenges, and a cast of new characters, including legendary skaters. Your overall objective is to survive in Los Angeles, prove yourself to local pros, and help build the ultimate skate park.

Game Modes:
Review Mode (walk thru the early stages of the game), Classic Mode, Create-a-Mode (create your own skater, skate tricks, and skate park), Multiplayer


For the first time ever in the Tony Hawk series, the progression of the game depends on learning and unlocking all the tricks. Nothing is given to you so be ready to work hard. As you explore the neighborhoods you’ll find some new options. The biggest is the ability to ditch your board for a BMX bike and complete BMX challenges. These bikes are scattered throughout the hoods so you’re bound to find one. There are also cash goals so make sure to check ’em out. The cash you earn can be spent at the local skate shop to purchase new decks, clothing, and even tattoos. Did I forget to mention there’s no levels? Yep. No more waiting for loading. It’s just one massive world.

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland features online gameplay for up to eight players for both Xbox Live and PlayStation 2 Online

Great, but just wait for the Xbox 360!

It’s a nice mix that will keep all music nerds happy. The soundtrack includes, Bloc Party, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Bravery, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Frank Black, Motley Crue, and Oingo Boingo, just to name a few.

Overall Rating: 9