Game Over: Star Wars Battlefront II


PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC

Overview: Fight your way through mission-based objectives that are inspired by all six Star Wars films. This new storyline will take you to 16 new locations, including environments straight from Episode III. Star Wars fans better boot up because this could quite possibly be the best Star Wars game ever made.

Game Modes: Single player, multiplayer (online play), split-screen (two players can play at the same time)

Multiplayer: 1-2

Gameplay: Battlefront II is all about galactic domination. The overall goal is to conquer the opposition by waging war and taking over enemy territory. The game is loaded with almost every Star Wars character known to man, including the beloved Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Yoda. As you progress you’ll play as level-specific characters. Each comes with their special abilities, weapons, and even starships. Battling in space is something we’ve all been waiting for, but the controls turned out to be pretty complicated and at times I felt it slowed the pace of the game. It will take you a while to get used to, but it’s worth the trouble. The aerial views look like they were pulled straight from the movies, especially the battle over Coruscant. But I suggest concentrating more on the ground battles. They are more intense and offer a better gaming experience. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you need to check this game out. It’s a well-designed shooter game with good storylines and solid objectives.

Online: Supports up to 32 players on Xbox Live or 24 players on the PS2

Graphics: We’re talking about Lucasarts. Of course they’re near perfect.

Soundtrack: Features all of the effects and music heard in the movies

Overall Rating: 9.8

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