Game Over: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Overview: He was once a trusted man within the Leone crime family, but after being forced into hiding after killing a made man, Toni Cipriani is back and it’s time for things to be put right.

Gameplay: In the same fashion as the previous GTAs, there’s a lot of killing, stealing, and running from the law to be done. As the streets of Liberty City are in chaos, your job is to clean up the underworld and bring the city under Leone control. It can prove to be challenging at times, especially during combat, but in general it’s a fairly easy and exciting ride.

Graphics: B

Sound: The best part of the GTA series is choosing the right radio station while you’re driving a stolen vehicle, so switch it up to fit the crime.

Players: 1

Overall Rating: B+

Screen shots from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories linked in upper left.