Gallery: Catching the Bird with Lick the Cat

First light on hidden peak is a treat to witness. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
The Red boat starting the day off at Snowbird. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Choose your own adventure - Jeff Richards & Griffin Seibert weighing options off upper cirque. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
A very rare treat – Blake Paul got to open up the upper cirque while the Salt Lake Twin peaks stand tall in the background. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Griffin Siebert stoked to send it down this pristine chute. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Nobody does it like Griff – slicing into one of many prized upper cirque chutes. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Jeff Richards looking down the Elevator shaft a favorite straight shot at Snowbird. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Lil Jeff racing his spray down the apron of the cirque, one of best places on the mountain to lay a massive turn. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Sam Taxwood petting the dog down a nice little rib off the upper cirque. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
This was the first snowfall in almost a month and Snowbird finally felt a little like her old self. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Blake Paul letting 'er loose! PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Griffin Siebert making clouds. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Party Shred!!!!! PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Griff poking the cat. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Blake Paul airing into the infamous Johan gully. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Griff still finding the goods at the end of the day. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Epic views from baldy. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Jeff displaying some classic style beyond his years. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Blake Paul crossing over the boundary line into enemy territory aka Alta PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Sam Taxwood scenic tweaking. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Spencer Schubert over LTC filmer Jerm. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
The boys chimping the all the harsh scoprions that where had during the session. Gotta check the edit for these bails. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Nothing like a snowboard session at Alta -Taxwood switching it up on the hip. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Ben Bilodeau gold mits and all. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Ben Bilodeau's mind bending invert – not even sure what to call it. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Nobody cares you ski Alta. PHOTO: Andrew Miller

Behind the Scenes with Lick the Cat During a Late Season Day at Snowbird Resort

Words: Griffin Siebert

Photos: Andrew Miller

It was a beautiful April morning in the Wasatch Mountains.  A fresh dusting of Utah cold smoke graced the slopes of Snowbird, UT, and the sun decided to show up for the party.  A couple of cat lickers conjugated on the tram deck excited and cold, awaiting an early tram. The crew consisted of Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Spencer Schubert, Jay Richards, filmer extraordinaire Jeremy Thornburg, photog assassin Andrew Miller, and myself.


The amazing ski patrol at Snowbird gave us the go ahead to venture our way into the infamous cirque.  With the whole cirque to ourselves and the puppies frothing, Blake Paul dropped in to the first line tossing buckets left and right.  Immediately afterwards hoots and hollers where heard as the rest of the crew began to pick apart the cirque one line at a time.  The rest of the day consisted of non-stop party boarding with the whole crew, hitting side hits left and right, forwards and backwards.  With Jay Richards as our hype man, the crew rolled on, and began to cut out some classic wind lip hits on the Alta side of Baldy Mountain.  Flails, scorpions, inverts, and tweaked grabs went down, and the party continued.

Some highlights included Blake’s scorpion, Jay Richard's bellyflop, Schubert's sends, and Ben Bilodeau’s mind bending invert (check the video for proof).  The day capped off with a huge group charge down the Alta Ski Resort. Hitting side hits poking shifties and feeling like rebels in the ski only part of the Wasatch.  Getting hassled by skiers on the lifts and bombing mogul fields, the day couldn’t have ended any better.  The only way to end such an amazing day was to eat some apres burritos at Lone Star Taqueria at the mouth of the Cottonwood Canyon.  Thanks Snowbird for the amazing day!

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