Cooling off on top of a volcano in the snow was a nice way to spend a hot summer day. This last weekend atop of Mt Baker, Jeremy Dubs of Funner Films put together the first annual “Funner Films’ Slush Cup. The contest involved bee lining it down a sketchy, bumpy path full of sun cups, ditches and loose dogs, and then skimming across a freezing lake to patches of floating ice on the other side. Riders and contestants included Patrick McCarthy, Nathan Lind, Matt Edgars, Lucas DeBari, Tyson Anderson, Crazy Joel, Chad Enoches, “D”, Drew Cyr, Mikey P, Chase Cleveland, Eliah, Monty Hays, Jeremy Dubs, Andy Walbon, Leif Jones, Cowboy, Boston, and Justin Heath.

“This year’s slush cup had all the most important elements of a good northwest contest. Lots of beer, lots of northwest locals ready to drink those beers and even some young ladies sportin’ bikinis while crossing the water ride. It was good times for sure. I loved seeing everyone up there having such a good time it is what more contests need to consist of.”—Patrick McCarthy

The winners of the Slush Cup were Chad Enoches, getting best trick for his backside three nose-butter, and Lucas Debari for his bar raising, record skim of over 200 feet. This could be the standing record for distance in snowboard water skimming. Definitely a lengthy ride, especially considering some didn’t even make it down the narrow runway to the lake. Carnage was aplenty during this event, but fortunately no one got seriously injured … just a few broken egos and lots of wet gear. “People showed up in full force to celebrate a fantastic season and positive northwest vibes, where pros and am’s, moms and dads, young and old ride together to have a good time. We do it because it’s Funner.” Says Jeremy Dubs.

Snowboarding is definitely about being creative and having fun and that’s what this contest was about. Not everyone made it across with dry clothes, but everyone had a good time enjoying the summer snow. Big thanks go out to the events sponsors, Northwave/Drake/Venue/Bakoda, Pow Gloves and One Mountain. And make sure you check out the latest release from Funner Projects, Smokebomb.

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