Now that you’ve mastered frontside 360s, you can start learning all the switch frontside tricks like Cab 360s and 540s. Cab 540s are the next big step—they’re basically just a switch frontside 360 with an extra 180 added to the end.

1. Try taking a little more speed riding into this trick switch just to make sure you clear the table. You may not “pop as hard riding backward, so the extra speed won’t hurt.

2. Ride at the jump flat based, slightly loading up on your heel edge just before take-off—remember, bending your knees is always important.

3. Wind up and spin harder and faster than you would for a frontside 360 to compensate for the extra 180 degrees at the end. You can also get this trick inverted really easy—just drop you leading shoulder back, almost like you’re falling into it, like a backflip.

4. Now that you’re in the air spinning, things should happen fairly quickly. Grabbing either frontside or melancholy will help you get the entire 540 completed pretty easily. Spin nice and flat throughout the entire trick—unless you’re going for a corked Cab 540.

5. This trick is super easy to put down because you come around and land forward—and for the last 180-degree rotation you can see the landing. Because you can see the landing, it’s pretty much just like stomping a straight air.

Trick Tip:
“Riding and hitting jumps switch is easier if your back binding it set to a negative degree.—Chad Otterstrom