Fundamentals – Spinning Frontside 360s

Spinning Frontside 360s

Once you master front and backside 180s, it’s time to learn the classic frontside 360. Spin ’em off your heelside edge or off your toes if you want to; I prefer leaving off my heelside edge-you have a little more control that way.

Go straight at the jump flat-based, anticipating the spin; the front 360 takes a bit more effort to get around compared to a backside three, so wind up good.
I lean a little bit on my heels and then pop off the takeoff, spinning a bit harder off the lip. You’ll want enough momentum to carry you through the entire trick so you don’t jerk the second part of the rotation around.
Grab your board either frontside or melancholy-these two grabs lock your shoulders in place for a proper frontside spin. Before you hit 180 degrees, spot your landing, because the second half of this trick is blind.
Continue spinning nice and flat-you’re not hucking a corked frontside rodeo. Stay balanced over the board with your head turned frontside looking over your leading shoulder. Your body will follow.
Let go off the grab, and prepare for the landing with knees bent. Be sure to land flat-based or with slight pressure on your toes-a heel-edge landing will send you straight to a butt check.
As long as you complete the entire 360 and the nose of your board is pointed downhill, you should be in good shape.

Breckenridge, Colorado. Sequence: Scott Serfas

“I prefer leaving off my heelside edge-you have a little more control.”-Chad Otterstrom