Fun With Freezers

For many of us, our love of snowboarding reflects in everything we do.

Whether it’s the clothes we wear, the jargon we speak, or the stickers displayed on our cars, in some shape or form, our stoke for the snow is represented. Now, by following the steps below, you can take that stoke to another level of interesting, boderline pathetic, amusement.

1) Find a refrigerator. This should be rather easy since most houses and apartments are furnished with one.

2 Clear out the freezer. Eat, throw out, or give away the items inside.

3) Get some snow. If none is available, wait patiently for flakes to fall from above. If it doesn’t, move. No one wants to live where it doesn’t snow.

4) With your snow, construct a silly snowboard wonderland in the empty freezer space. Just think; “I’m an artist, or should I say, artiste, and the freezer is my palette.” If you lack basic creative skills and/or the thought of becoming an artist is too damn flaky, try flipping through this magazine for an idea or mimic a scaled down version of a famous halfpipe, snowboard park, or road gap. How about the Innsbruck Air and Style jump?

That would look great in your freezer. What about one of Tahoe’s legendary

road gaps? Once again, that would also look great in your freezer. Maybe

it’s your own little backcountry race course-but that would probably be


5) Have fun with props. Anything used to stylize your masterpiece will add

bonus points, and everyone loves bonus points. Fake trees, washed-up pros,

spectators, and banners, will all do the trick. In addition, since the

temperature of your freezer is, well, freezing, your showpiece will remain

intact as long as the electric bill is properly paid. Have fun and enjoy.