Full Moon Film Launches Kickstarter; Jamie Anderson’s Hair up for Grabs

Full Moon Film Launches Kickstarter

Full Moon Film, a Runway Films production, just launched their Kickstarter campaign for the two-year project that documents the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding. Comprised of the leading ladies of shred including; Leanne Pelosi, Robin Van Gyn, Marie France Roy, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Helen Schettini, and Jamie Anderson, the goal is to raise the remaining funds to needed to complete the film to the highest caliber.


The girls have busted their butts throughout the first year of filming and as they enter the second year of movie-making, they're seeking your help. They’ve curated a wide scope of incredible rewards that backers can receive at numerous donation levels. These include Full Moon hats, Polaroids, limited edition Full Moon snowboards from GNU, Roxy and K2, along with shred trips to Whistler, Argentina and beyond.

The most curious reward up for grabs is "The Goldilock." Freshly snipped strands of Jamie Anderson's Olympic gold medal winning hair is available for one lucky (?) donor.  Yep, for the mere price of $8,000 you can have your very own piece of Jamie's hair and with it, you'll help the cause and become a VIP Full Moon Gold supporter.


So, just whose idea was The Goldilock?

"It was my idea only because I saw a band do this years ago and I thought it was hilarious," said Leanne of the prized strands.  "We kind of tip-toed around asking Jamie, but after giving her a glass of wine, we knew it was going to be way easier!" she continued.

"That night we were all hanging out at Robin's house celebrating that Trudeau got in as our Canadian prime minister, and there was some dancing and a lot of laughing," said Leanne. "We were in the moment and I filmed it on my iPhone. The video of the snipping will be released on our @fullmoonfilm instagram account."

While the rest of the rewards may be a bit more useful and usable, this reward technically took the longest to attain.

"Jamie thinks her hair really is worth its weight in gold-- For God's sake it took four grueling months for it to grow!" said Leanne.

Jamie's hair may be the most expensive of the bunch, but you can also scoop up the other ladies' locks if you're into it and down to help for a mere $30 bucks a pop.


Full Moon has pulled out all stops and have just over a month to make their goal. Check out their full Kickstarter campaign here, and make sure to give the girls some love. Not only will you be helping ensure this movie gets made to the highest level possible, but in doing so, you're also helping elevate women's snowboarding in general. Do it!

Check out more about Full Moon here!