Frontside 180 To Switch Nosepress With LNP

How To Snowboard: Frontside 180 to Switch Nosepress With LNP

LNP takes it to this Sierra-at-Tahoe downbox to show you how to keep your lock legit when pressing switch. This trick is a vital mid-level link-up for anyone looking to progress. 

Approach: Ride up slightly on your heel edge with your weight over your back foot. This will prepare your body to land in a full switch nosepress.

Takeoff: Commit to doing the entire frontside 180. Make sure your nose clears the rail, rotating around your back foot.

Maneuver: Land in a full switch nosepress, with all of your weight over what's now your front foot. Point to the end of the rail, keeping your shoulders, hips, and knees parallel. Pull up with your back leg, keeping the press in the air the entire way—no taps.

Landing: The hardest part of this trick is staying over the center of the rail 'til the very end. Resist sliding off by opening your front shoulder in the opposite direction of the original frontside 180, and you'll be able to fakie ollie off into the landing clean.

Remember: Don't ollie too high for the front 180. You want to be just over the rail, making it much easier to land in a press and hold it throughout.

Trick To The Trick: Take off as close to the rail as you safely can. Less travel makes it easier to prevent sliding off to the outside.


From the December 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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