Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks

Pro riders list their favorite travel music.

Brad Scheuffele: “One CD I always take with me is a mix CD my girlfriend made for me. It has a little of everything on it. Or anything Samiam.”

Lukas Huffman: “I always take my favorite Metallica tape, Ride the Lightning. And there's this mix tape that Ali Goulet made for me that's awesome, it gets me pumped. It's dancehall and hip-hop remixes. And my favorite airplane listening is this Ben Harper tape I have.”

Natasza Zurek: “I like to take anything David Bowie or Pink Floyd.”

Shannon Dunn-Downing: “I make a mixed mini disc. It's got all kinds of music on it, The Dixie Chics, Foo Fighters Nothing Left To Lose, Alana Davis, Faith Hill, 80s rock, Christian music, 2-Pac, and some other stuff.”

Dylan Farr: “A good CD for the road is Panthalassa by Miles Davis. Listen to it and you'll know why.”

Neil Goss: “Any CDs by DJ Greyboy, DJ Shadow, Fugazi, or Metallica.”