Fresh Tracks: World-Class Halfpipe Charger Nicola Thost

Describe your musical tastes:

Music can impress or strengthen your emotions and way of feelings, so it totally depends on the mood.

Do you prefer German music or American music?

I like German hip-hop but mainly listen to music with English lyrics

Do you play an instrument?

Unfortunately, not anymore. I played piano for a while.

Do you listen to music while riding?

No, music over headphones is distracting from the whole thing!

What's your favorite music to sing along to?

Punk Rock.

What music would you choose for the following scenarios?

Dawn patrol: Manu Chao.

Pipe session: Blink 182, Garbage.

Powder day: H-Blockx “Time Of My Life.”

Psyching up for a competition: The song of the day.

Winding down after one: Madonna “Ray of Light.”

Flying across the Atlantic: None … sleeping.

House party: Headphones with NAS.

Relaxing at home: Morcheeba, Neil Young, German hip-hop.

–Robyn Hakes