Fresh Tracks: Where we delve into the musical tendencies of your favorite riders.

This issue: Tina Basich

Describe your listening habits?

Music in the car, music in thehouse. I bring my CD player everywhere.

Do you sing?

Only in the car, with occasional karaokeappearances. My first karaoke experience in Japan brings a whole new meaning to the word.

Play anyinstruments?

Piano. I also played the harp for six years, and the violin in my school orchestra for fouryears.

Ever date a rock ‘n’ roller?

I don’t know if my boyfriend the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl is a rock’n’ roller, but he’s definitely a rocker.

What music would you put on for the following occasions?

Dawnpatrol wake-up: Enya. Creative focus: Mazzy Star, Billie Holiday. Cruising solo: Sneaker Pimps.House party: Hip-hop. Four in the morning: Sade, Bjork. Behind the wheel: Madonna. In-flightmenu: Mase. Pre-contest psych-up: Foo Fighters, Prodigy. Post-powder day: Old Prince, hip-hop.-E.M.