Frequency Increases Circulation

Mt. Baker, WA – frequency The Snowboarder¿s Journal is pleased to announce a 36% circulation increase with our newest issue, #3.2, growing to 10,000 units for our December release. This growth comes with the addition of such key retail accounts as Borders Books, Barnes and Noble College, Hastings Books, and a nearly 100% increase in our Canadian accounts. New newsstand distribution in the mountain states at resort towns, more snowboard specialty shops, and additional shipments to Japan have also added greatly to sales in both domestic and international markets.

frequency The Snowboarder¿s Journal has grown 100% over the last two issues, and has sold completely out of both. Again, we expect to do the same with #3.2.

This newest issue features interviews with Victoria Jealouse and Shane Flood, travel to deep Idaho backcountry, and our first ever UnResort Guide ? a comprehensive look at the best helicopter and snowcat operations in North America and beyond. In addition to the compelling photography, artwork, and writing our readers have come to expect, we are also adding 16 pages, bringing us up to 132 pages of snowboarding¿s most valuable content.

frequency The Snowboarder¿s Journal thanks all supporters who have helped us secure this widespread distribution and continued success, and we look forward to a great winter. It¿s already snowing up here.