Freecarve All-mountain boards with an emphasis on carving turns. Rounding out the “three free,” and fallingsomewhere between toned-down race boards and souped-up freeriding ones, freecarving boards werespawned by the quest for pure turning function. Freecarving boards are meant to carve turns outside theconfines of a race course-hence the “free.” That’s not to say that other non-race boards won’t carve, becausethey will.

So why do freecarving boards exist? Probably because it’s taken this long for the snowboardingpopulace to get good enough to create a demand for something more than ironing boards with new graphicseach year. The real question is, why haven’t freecarving boards always existed? And why aren’t more peopleriding them?

These all-mountain railers are a giant step toward our common one-board-does-it-all future,handling the tasks usually delegated to freeriding boards-like lofting airs and blasting through powder-andcarving even better. Beware of the freecarving board that’s too narrow, though. If a rider can’t use theirpreferred setup-soft boots or hard-in a comfortable stance, then the whole versatility concept is shot.