Free chowder at 2014 Park City TransAM

Photos: Greg Furey

Video: Tom Haraden

Words: Lucky Lopez

The TransAM crew was at Park City Mountain Resort this weekend for a little “pow wow” and for the 6th stop of the 12th annual Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM event. Upon arrival the new snow had blanketed the TransAM Course and the snow would continue to fall all weekend. Jeremy Cooper and the Park City Mountain Resort crew pulled out all the stops including using snowblowers to make sure that Utah’s top amateur snowboarders had a well groomed “non pow” TransAM course for their attempt to qualify for the TransAM finals. The sponsor village attracted a nice crowd and Transworld SNOWboarding’s online editor, Hondo got on the mic to pump up all the riders. The snow was cleared to perfection off the course, and the features from the TransAM sponsors were ready for action. Special thanks to: Ride Snowboards, Giro, Anon, Analog, Zumiez, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Muscle Milk.


Slingshots from the top of the course were in order during the finals of the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM event at Park City Mountain resort were Seth Karlsrud (1st Place) who had an impressive fun day, used the extra speed to cut through the fresh snow to climb up to the Muscle Milk rail feature and elevate onto the tall Ride Snowboard wall ride. Cameron Gorby (2nd Place)  also found some speed in the finals to get him through the Zumiez couch feature and the Giro Jersey Barrier set up. Evan Sheridan (3rd Place) found the podium with his efforts on the Anon double rail and on the Anon stair case feature to qualify for the TransAM finals at Big Bear, CA on March 15, 2014.


In the finals the Gals were trying to get some points by hitting the Zumiez couch feature then trying to find some speed for the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Marshmallow feature. Hailee Mattingley earned (1st Place) with her smooth riding on the Anon and Analog features at the top of the course. Kim Natural (2nd Place)  impressed the judges with her steezy style on the Giro feature and finishing in (3rd Place) Grace Mayernik who made the podium to qualify for the TransAM finals at Big Bear, CA on March 15, 2014

Congratulations to the top three Guys and Gals that qualified for the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM Finals at Big Bear Mountain, CA on March 15, 2014. First Placers Seth Karlsrud & Hailee Mattingley who walked away with flight vouchers to Finals courtesy of Zumiez, VIP treatment for the finals weekend on behalf of Transworld SNOWboarding, snowboards from Ride, and the coveted TransAM bling chain necklace trophy!

All Winners also received tons of awesome product including High Cascade backpacks, Anon goggles, Analog outerwear, Giro Helmets and Zumiez gift cards, Muscle Milk product and gear from Ride Snowboards. Competitors also had a chance to win raffle prizes and were treated to a Park City Mountain Resort TransAM pizza party after a hard working day out on the hill.

The prestigious Muscle Milk Riders Choice Award, as voted by the competitors, went to the guys 1st place winner Seth Karlsrud, he took home an American Express gift card, a custom Muscle Milk backpack, and a case of Muscle Milk for his efforts.

The Zumiez Best Trick Award in the form of $500 cold hard Zumiez dollars went to Jimmy Jacobs for his front flip over the Analog stairs to 50-50 out.   

Pint Size Ripper award of the 2014 Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM tour at Park City Mountain Resort went to Chase Boyd, he was charging all day long!  

Special thanks to Jeremy Cooper and the Park City Mountain Resort Park Staff for their hard work round the clock to clear the heavy amounts of snow off the course before game time and keeping the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM set up in prime shape during snowy conditions. Special thanks to the TransAM sponsors for making stop  #6 of the TransAM a huge success: Ride Snowboards, Zumiez, Anon Optics, Analog, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Muscle Milk and Giro. See you at Mt Seymour BC for the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAm’s first ever international stop!


1. Seth Karlsrud

2.Cameron Gorby  

3. Evan Sheridan  


1. Hailee Mattingley  

2. Kim Natural  

3. Grace Mayernik  

Zumiez Best Trick

Jimmy Jacobs

Front flip over Analog stairs, 50-50 out

Pint Size Ripper Award

Chase Boyd

Best Crash

Tristin Heiner

Muscle Milk Rider's Choice

Seth Karlsrud