As always, the first major contest of the year, Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails, at Bear Mountain in Southern California went off. After a premiere party featuring our latest movie, Arcadia, kicked off the weekend Friday night, sunny skies with a few clouds and cool temps kept the snow in pristine condition as riders from all over lapped the parallel runs that made up this year's contest course on Saturday. A selection of down bars over a 20+ stair set, leading into a gap over a miniramp, and ending with a spine hit made up the looker's left course while a gap-to-rail, hip, and lower jib "junk pile" made for a pretty exciting right side course.

With music acts stage left (Andrew W.K., Tommorrows Bad Seeds) Jaeger Bailey, Zak Hale, Matt Williams, Halldor Helgason, Francis Jobin, Yuya Akada, Masato Toda, Jordan Small, Chris DePaula, Madison Blackley, Ozzy Henning, Lenny Mazzotti, Benny Milam, Jaromie Nolan, Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Oliver Dixon, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse, Nora Beck, Tim Humphreys, Ben Bilodeau, Johnny Miller, Denis Leontyev and many more hiked both courses and hopped on, over, or into everything in sight. For two hours riders threw all that they had to please the judges as well as the crowd.

The finals started under the watchful eye of esteemed judges Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Alito, as well as the musical stylings of DJ Snoopadelic. That is right, Snoop Dogg was on course DJing to get the crowd pumped and as planned, it worked. There was not much thinning of the 60+ rider field for finals, but standouts easily rose to the top as others in the field tired from the long day. An hour finals saw rodeos over the hip, switch back 360's onto down rails, shirtless laid out backflips for the crowd, and even a Jaeger Bailey transfer from the jump into the wooden minipipe.

In the end, Madison Blackley took home first in the women's field for the third year in a row! Francis Jobin took first for the men, Jaeger Bailey took second, and Benny Milam snagged third. They all took to the course with clean, complete runs throughout the whole day and left the judges in awe. Lenny Mazzotti, no stranger to the Hot Dawgz highlights, ended up with the best trick award after landing a switch back 270, back to regs, on the gap to down bar over the stair set. Lenny rode away like it was nothing.

All in all, it was an insane weekend. Method Man and Redman shut the day down with a closing performance after awards, and the field of riders sent it late into the night all over Big Bear's numerous watering holes. Huge thanks to Bear Mountain for once again putting on one of the best rail jams we have ever seen! Can't wait to be back next year.

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