The Fourth Phase – Highlight Gallery : Russia

This was our first view of Kamchatcha and really set the stage of what we were to see and experience. Photos: Scott Serfas
Our first morning at our new home, miles from civilization, and things were off to a great start. Here we are loading the flying school bus for what was to be an epic day of riding.
The Kamchatka Peninsula was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in the world. Now lets get tons of fuel and go there!
This is at the top of our first run. Blue skies with howling winds. A beautiful view but less then ideal snow conditions. I think Travis is mumbling WTF right about now.
It look a lot of people to make this film happen. And of course a helicopter large enough to get them all into the mountains was key.
Here we are hiking across a ridge in search of pow and ocean views. Mark Landvik gives the camera a look back and a sign of stoke.
Like I said, the views in Kamchatka are second to none. Mark, Travis and Eric wait for the rest of the crew before riding down to the ocean and an awaiting helicopter.
What more could you dream for? Well, maybe snow that isnt bulletproof. This photo is quite deceiving.
I know, it looks good right? Well, its still very deceiving. Eric Jackson makes this turn look very good.
"Should we try and ride it", is what I heard someone say. I'm still not sure why we decided to camp at the bottom of this volcano but I'm very happy that we did.
If you had told me that for the next 5 weeks we would be heads out of a helicopter staring at active volcanos I woud have said your crazy.
It's amazing that you can fly into a mountain zone, land a helicopter beside an active volcano and just hang out watching. What do you think Travis Rice is thinking about right now?
After dinner entertainment provided by Eric Jackson.
The coastline was littered with half sunken ships... of course we landed and explored some of them.
A truly amazing experiance spending a full day with some of Kamchatka's indigenous people. The inland Koryak, or reindeer herders, are called Chaucu meaning "rich in reindeer". Here they perform a traditional song for us.
Travis Rice dances to the beat of his own drum.
Eric, Mark and Travis pose for a photo with one of our new friends.
Sean Aaron sets up to snag a few clips of the local sled dogs.
Travis decided that we should bring surfboards with us everyday in case the snow wasn't good. Lando is not a surfer so he decided to get some practice in before we head out.
Surf trip...or snowboard trip. None of us really knew for sure.
With no good snow around the search for waves has begun.
Everyone out, the waves are firing! Keep in mind the water is -3C and the outside air temperature is -20C. Good thing the salt in the water keeps it from freezing.
It looks like Eric is waxing his board with snow and ice.
Travis on one of the many lefthanders this moring. Notice he surfs regular foot but snowboards goofy.
Lando really wanted to enjoy himself as much as the others, but since he doesn't surf the big waves and cold conditions were really hard on him. Here he is scrambling in after being caught in a rip current.
The look of defeat. Or is that hypothermia. Mark Landvik catches his breathe after a not so fun morning surf.
This photo pretty much sums it up. Perfect waves all day and only a few close friends to share it with. Travis Rice excited for the incoming set.
It's not often that you have to negotiate snow and ice when walking the beach.
It took more then just this hot coffee to warm up these two. Travis and Eric after about 30 minutes in the water.
Mark Lanvik made use of some of the fur he found laying around...
...and decided to go riding.
Our backcontry home also came equiped with a tow rope. Lando takes a down day opportunity to get some turns.
You know Mark Landvik was wishing all this snow was not being blown off the volcanos and into the ocean. Unfortunatly the only powder we found was around the yard where we were staying.
A short hike from our lodge, and Travis found this tree to handplant and air through.
On the way to the Kuril Islands we find even more abandoned and sunken ships.
The shredders of the Kuril Islands and the epic adventure that never was.
There was no way Travis was going to leave the Kuril Island chain without touching board to snow. Even if the military was chasing him.
Packed up and ready to leave. It was a long 5 weeks in Kamchatka but it was time to move on. An unforgetable trip!
All eyes on Travis. This is my rendition of the Brady Bunch shot during some down time. Bungee, Lando, JK, Jimmy, Trice, Slater, Wheels, E-Jack and Sarron.

Words/Photos: Scott Serfas


The second stop during the making of The Fourth Phase was the most eastern side of Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula. The potential for great snowboarding and deep snow is what brought us there, however it just didn’t turn out that way. We met a lot of great and interesting people, saw some amazing places that very few people get to see and experienced some once in a lifetime events. Here is a gallery to some of my favorite behind the scene photos from the trip.

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