The Fourth Phase – Highlight Gallery: Jackson

Early mornings were very common during our time in Jackson. 3:45am to be precise. Photos: Scott Serfas
Back at home, Travis Rice and Bryan Iguchi take some time to pick out a line to ride.
Travis Rice droping into a new snowmobile zone looking for landings, features, lines and spines.
Travis will agree, he loves riding through arches.
Bryan Iguchi finds his was down this gem of a line.
Cold days shooting, and standing around in one location meant it was up to us to find a way to stay warm.
Smoking Kills!
The majestic view of the Tetons.
Party run with Bryan Iguchi, Cam Fitzpatrick and Travis Rice to finish off another great day in the Jackson backcountry.
Travis Rice on top of the world and above a line he depermined to be unridable until he rode it.
A rare end of day in the parking lot and its not even dead of night.
Not a bad place to call home. The highway into the mountains and away from The Grand Teton.
Late night review of the days footage back at our home away from home.

Words/Photos: Scott Serfas


To round out and finish the season we all left Alaska and flew straight to Jackson Hole, where they were in full spring mode. With mainly sunny conditions, this trip was all about getting up very early in the morning and shooting till there was no light left to see. The season was coming to an end and we needed to make the best of every single day.

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