Four Star Dist. Snow Team Update

With the snow season winding down, crunch time has come into play. As with every season, riders and filmers are scrambling for their “ender” parts for their respected films.

Defective Films Promo Copy, has been on the move this year. Mostly based out of Whistler the crew at Defective has been traveling the world. From Finland, to the good old midwest and as far east as Japan.

“The Japan Slope Style is a distributors dream event”, comments JP Walker,”we train very hard for this event. We go to the city and purchase air/gas powered b-b guns and blast anything that moves. It’s very intense.”

JP Walker, Andreas Wiig, Joni Malmi, Eddie Wall, Lauri Heskari and newly appointed Forum rider Travis Kennedy went to show some love and bring the pain to all that stood in their way. and Lauri Heiskari didn’t flinch one bit and walked away with 1st and 2nd place in the Slope Style contest. felt he needed to leave his mark on Japan as well, by taking 1st in the rail jam. Check for some kamikaze action at the rail jam.

March was no slouch of a month for the team either. The Young Bloods felt it was time to let people know who they were. Starting at the North Tahoe Vans Triple Crown. Pat Moore came home with a 2nd place victory in the Slope Style. Long time coach Bill Enose “Pat is one of those riders that will make you flinch, laugh and freak out all at the same time. He’s a PIMP”. Pat has also got himself the cover of “Eastern Edge Magazine” Youngster Louie Vito has consistently made pipe finals at every major event this year. Stratton MT coach Scott Palmer ” The kid is a little pit bull, he really wants to show everyone his skills at the Open this year.”

The 7-day US OPEN extravaganza has always been a long week, but this proved to be the longest one yet, with a snowstorm that started Monday and didn’t stop until Sunday. But that didn’t slow down Jake Blauvelt. Placing top 3 all week in slopestyle qualifiers and taking 1st on Sunday. Freelance Photographer Cole Barash: “Jake owned that course everyday. He was always switching up his run. Obviously the judges took notice”.

Joe Eddy tweaked his knee at X games this year and has been on the road to recovery for most of the year. Now fully recovered, he’ll be defending his title at the West Coast Invitational Mammoth Rail Jam on May 1st.

2nd Annual Youngblood Finals were held that same weekend as the US OPEN at Bear Mountain. “This is the place to be for this event. The sun is always out and Bear Mountain has one of the best rail and kicker set up’s around” according to Four Star Director of Marketing Dan McNamara.Devun Walsh came as a guest judge “I 100% back this event, these kids come and break themselves mostly to prove they can do the trick. Not because someone told them to do it”.

Devun Walsh was down and out for a few weeks with a tweaked knee, filming for Positron. Now he is fully recovered and on a mission to show that jibbing still has nothing on the backcountry.

Travis Kennedy is showing his Alaskan roots and putting a real solid part together for Promo Copy. “Travis has an advantage to a lot of upcoming riders that want to film full parts in videos. The kid can ride a sled in deep snow” said Defective head honcho Sean Johnson. Travis took the arduous drive (with sled in tow) from Mammoth Lakes to Whistler and has been playing in the winter wonderland ever since.

Lauri Heiskari has been in Whistler putting a backcountry part together. As every good Finn should do, after slaying rails in their home country the first half of the season. Lauri’s new found respect for snowmobiling has had him pulling his sled out of his fair share of holes this year. But that hasn’t slowed him down from stomping cab 900’s first try!!!

Joni Malmi has been in Canada filming since January in the backcountry. He returned to Helsinki fro about 10 days in March to film some rails and jumps, and then headed back over to work the backcountry overr. He recently departed for Alaska to film for Promo Copy.

Bjorn Leines has been bouncing back and fourth from Utah to the mid-west rail scene for his part in Positron. He will also be defending his title at this years “Heavy Metal Red Bull” contest. Along with fellow riders Pat Moore and

Eddie Wall another member of Promo Copy has been jet setting around the world to one up every other rider in their conquest to have the best video part of the year. The knee injury is fully behind him and his rail antics will prove it. Eddie next big venture will bring him to the east coast to compete (for fun). The “Spring Loaded” (Killington Vermont). “My dad competes in it every year and it was the first contest I entered, so I wanted go back and shred with my dad” Eddie

Kevin Jones. “Kevin’s Billabong movie has been moving right along, the latest account puts Kevin on the peaks of Alaska for some first descent’s.

Tara Dakides is still all over the news, radio, and TV. Her latest air time special was at Queen of the Hill at Mountain High, where she taught 14 yr old Shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton a few tricks on the snow. She is also been dodging professional racecars, learning the art of rally car racing. “I needed a hobby that would allow me to relax”. Tara will be at Mammoth for the remainder of the year finishing up any last minute shots for Billabong.

Peter Line has been riding in Washington and is filming and helping with the creative direction of “Positron”. Pete took on the contest world this year entering two events. First he went to the “Snowboarder’s Guinness Book of World Records highest halfpipe air challenge. Due to bad weather the event has been rescheduled for a later date. Pat Moore ” Pete is my hero! He always charges, even though he’s already the man, he comes out and rides as hard as anyone here”.

Second was the Boost Mobile Pro big Air with a purse of $250,000 and first at $60,000, everyone wanted in at this high stakes event. Before Pete even strapped his board on he was taken out by an out of control rider and was left with a 6-inch gash on his leg. — Go to to see the bloody mess. That did’nt stop him from hitting the jump though, and the Finals of the event featured Bjorn Leines and Eddie Wall, with Eddie taking 3rd in the biggest snowboard event to ever happen in the USA.

Andreas Wiig has taken the role of contest guy who is also filming a part for Promo Copy. While at the last VTC in North Tahoe, Andreas was saying ” It’s hard to hit a 40 ft park jump today, when I was getting towed into a jump yesterday at 70 mph!” Andreas will be working on some final tricks for Promo Copy and will be at Super Park in May.

Jed Anderson will have a chance to prove himself on home turf, since Super Park will take place in Lake Louise this year. After some outstanding finishes in VTC this year and a few guinea pig runs at Mammoth’s Grand Prix wall ride jam, Snowboarder Mag’s Pat Bridges gave Jed the official invite to Super Park.

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