Forum,Special Blend sign Travis Kennedy

For those who know up and coming riders, Travis Kennedy is at the top ofmost peoples lists as the strongest rookie out there. With parts in VideoGangs , Night of the Living Shred and Iron Curtain this past season,Travis has been coming up through the ranks and paying his dues in more waysthan one.

Hailing from the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, Travis grew up ridingbackcountry kickers with his friends until he moved to Vermont to go toschool and perfect his skills with other riders at the young age of 14 atthe Mount Mansfield Snowboard Academy. With a mountain at his disposal and ayard full of jibs, Travis progressed fast. “Travis is one of the mostnaturally talented riders I have ever seen,” comments Forum and SpecialBlend Team Manager Jenner Richard,”..he adapts to whatever he is riding,it©Ë†s rare to find a kid that can hit any street rail, kill a backcountrybooter, stay upright on a snow machine in 4 feet of pow, and be comfortablein any snow condition and be stoked to ride it all.©Ë" After the recent HighRoller Rail Jam in Las Vegas, Forum teammate Devun Walsh had only one thingto say, “..that kid is fucking amazing.”

This season Travis has stepped up his game even more and will be filmingwith Sean Johnson at Defective Films for their upcoming release ©¯Promo Copy©Ë"alongside Eddie Wall, Andreas Wiig, Joni Malmi, Lauri Heiskari and more. Hewill also be heading to Japan in February to film and ride in the Slopestyle2004 contest.

Travis has

been riding Forum and Special Blend since the booter days withhis friends in Alaska and we are proud to welcome him to the pro team.

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