PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen and Hondo

Words and Captions: Hondo

Forum snowboards is a legendary brand. When I was a kid I had a copies of True Life and The Resistance. These movies changed my life. I would watch them over and over again until the tape was all worn out. They got me so stoked to snowboard. I sometimes get worried for kids these days because they don’t really have those movies to stoke them out. Sure they have sick snowboard videos that they can watch, but they don’t really compare to those movies. Well thankfully Forum snowboard’s still in the mix becasue they still make some pretty damn good snowboard movies that make you want to snowboard. #Forum is no exception. It’s some totally awesome no bullshit, to the point snowboarding. The intros arn’t drawn out, the video’s only 20 minutes, and the snowboarding is sick as hell.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the video:

Andreas Wiig is still a beast after all these years.

Jake Welch put together a killer part despite getting broke off in February.

Cam Pierce and Austen Sweetin make a good pair. Those dudes can shred.

Daniel Ek double corks a road gap…

Mario Kaeppeli is a dude we bet we’re going to get way more familiar with.

Nic Suave has long hair and can mess up a street rail.

Pat Moore is not a dude to mess with. He’s really, really sick.

But don’t take it from me, get a copy yourself! You can grab it on iTunes now! Peep the teaser.