The junk show moved south into the heart of  SD last night. Forum Forever and Standard’s Black Winter both showed at the Balboa Theater in front of an almost standing room only crowd. The theater is a high class joint, but as always the band of dirts that show up to these things kept it pretty gutter. But….. the videos were elevated. That’s all there is to it. Lots of hammers. Highlights:


Forum Forever

Pat Moore’s heavy heavy metal opener. Jake Blauvelt and Jake Welch’s opposite and equally savage sections. Niko Cioffi and Nic Sauve’s new shit. Daniel Ek’s hell-for-leather shredding. John Jackson’s two song ender had reggae and ridiculous double corking.


Black Winter

Torstein’s perfect park run. Lando’s possessed pow attack. Xavier did lines you’d die on. Halldor hammered on some monster park jumps, went upside down twice and  landed like he was asleep. Then Lonnie Kauk closed it down and left  jaws dropped. He flew like a bird.

Buy these movies and try to keep up. Know: It’ll be hard. Last winter things moved forward in warp-speed.

All Photos By Chris Wellhausen