Folgefonna, Norway Update

Stian Solberg.  Photos: Frode Sandbech

Sticker me

Weather up at the summer glaciers of Norway can be moody.

All around BadAss Danny Larson hits the sunset booter.

Bjorn Mortenson frontside popper

Postcard from Folgefonna

Anyone wanna go for a midnight row?

JP Solberg

Local candy

Summertime one foot backy!

Stale Sandbech up way past his bedtime for a little dude.

Stale Sandbech: this kid is getting good at shreddin’, real good!!

That summer slush can eat you up, ask Stian Solberg.

1 Day up at Summer shred spot Folgefonna with Our Norweign Senior Photographer Frode Sandbech