Summer lovin’ time once again on the Mt Hood glacier! Breaking it down at Hoodinizem 2 (Duh, get it the T.V. show) the Flow team drops in charging hard to tighten up there video parts and steez out some old and new tricks at Windell’s snowboard camp! Flow sponsor night during session #2 was a blast and skate limbo was the event of the night! With sick Flow Pro S bindings up for grabs the battle was on for how low can you go!

Max Henault, Risto Mattila, Chris Taylor, and Miikka Hast have been working hard on there video parts in Strait Jackets new film “Daily Dose”. Kurt Heine, owner of Strait Jacket films, has been once again building some of the most unique and different style features that the riders have ever seen. Next year’s film should be sick!

Antti Autti is filming with Absinthe Films all this week as well! Antti was turning heads in the Windells pipe as seen below!

Max was captured in rare form in the pipe as well!

Check as well for more summer updates and who gets the last chance to dance!