Flow Team News

Story by Mike Paulino:  

Flow riders were out making a statement with impressive riding once again on the west coast this weekend! Out at the Legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom in Washington Flows Brett Carpentier of Canada had one of the faster runs of the day landing in 5th place with another Flow rider Damien Belmere of France right behind him pulling into 6th place. Terje Hakkonson of course still the man to beat smoking everyone to take 1st place!  

A little further south in Oregon at Mt Bachelor the Chevy Trucks U.S. Grand Prix was taking place! Flows Max Henault got his huck on at the Yahoo Night Big Air Show with a stacked field of sick riders like Tom Flocco, Jason Borgstede, Ryan Paris, 15 year old Scotty Lego and Darrel Mathes to name a few! The jump was about 60 feet with a steep landing to match the poppy lip! A super stylish cab 900 with a perfect stomp landed Max a solid 7th place finish. Jason Borgstede still winning with his trademark BS 900 tail grab.  

To be honest conditions were quite icy at both event locations taking its toll on several riders but all in all 2 fun events and FLOW representing!