Summer’s here and once again FLOW will be the main sponsor for Windells Summer Snowboard Camp at Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood, Oregon. The team riders will all be training at Windells from June 15th thru July 15th! Max Henault and Chris Taylor will be guest coaching and filming for Strait Jacket’s new movie “Daily Dose”. Scott Gaffney will be in to also film for Treetops new movie “THE MAIN EVENT”. Flow’s International team riders including, Risto Matilla, Tuomo Ojalia, Antti Autti, and Miikka Hast will be shredding at the camp as well! Next season’s 2004 boards, boots and bindings will be available exclusively for Windells snowboard campers! There are 8 sessions total at the camp and all details and dates can be located at Also check in for the latest team updates and pic’s at See you at camp!