October 31st, 2001 – Flow will offer a complete range of custom designed snowboards for the 02/03 season! The line up will cover the entire spectrum, from ‘hard core’ freestyle boards all the way to speed oriented freeride boards.

In the past six years Flow has been known for its innovative, performance driven approach to building bindings and boots. Flow now implements the same unique attitude when making boards.

All Flow boards are designed with the extensive input of international top riders, in conjunction with a team of veteran engineers of the snowboard industry and will be produced at well-established and high quality manufacturing facilities.

To further authenticate Flow’s image as a pure snowboard company, all boards will be made from exclusively designed molds to fit the exact requirements of each model’s range of use.

The range will carry eleven lines, including two girls’ and two rental board lines. Overall, there will be sixty-one different models plus two freestyle pro-models (Rune Lundsor and Tuomo Ojala) and one freeride pro-model (Maggo Strele). Please see the attached range overview for details.

A variety of models from the range will be presented to selected members of the press and retailers early this season. The industry premier of Flow boards will be at the SIA (US), NSIA (Canada), ISPO (Germany), SBJ (Japan) and SIG (France) trade shows respectively. Flow will be happy to give you a full demonstration there.