Riders have arrived and are starting to post on social media (click here for a list of U.S. slopestyle riders to follow throughout the Games) and Ryan Stassel of Team USA just dropped some photos onto his Facebook of the pristine looking course that will host the men’s and women’s slopestyle events. The options for a creative rider are endless, and we hope to see that showcased during the NBC broadcast. How everything lines up is yet to be seen, but scroll through below to check out the 2018 Winter Olympic snowboard slopestyle course, designed by the Germany-based company Schneestern with help from the local South Korean shapers,  hit by hit. Check out the rest of our 2018 Winter Olympic coverage here! 

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Course overview: Six build areas with multiple features and angles to take. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

First hit options: Platform to down bar, battleship rail, modified rainbow-flat-down rail, and gap-to-rail. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

Second Hit: Mini-hip, the craziest S-rail we have ever seen, another battleship option, and in case you can’t see it, a modified bowl. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

Third hit: Quarterpipe, hitching post, booter, up-down-flat-down, box-to-closeout flat-down rail, and we are just going to call the far left a minipipe that would be in your neighbor’s backyard. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

Fourth hit: The three-jump setup with angled options is becoming standard in many slopestyle comps. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

Fifth Hit: Many options, including a ledge made from snow on the deck? We look forward to seeing how riders hit this feature, but our guess is they will just hit the middle jump on their way into a triple cork.

Final hit: The money booter. Two hits for however the rider is feeling, look for gold medal contenders to stick with the right side. PHOTO: Ryan Stassel

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