First Euro Board Retailer Study Released

August 7, 02003—The highly-anticipated European Boardsports Retailer Study 2003 by Label Networks and Boardsport “Source Magazine, in co-operation with ispo, is currently available, offering the freshest and most accurate data about the influential and desirable board sports marketplace in Europe.

This first-of-a-kind Study supplies vital information based on scientific research results gathered from surveys completed over the course of 4 months from April 1-July 31, 2003, from participating European board sports retailers across Europe. Results from this Study are the first time that businesses will have an in-depth analysis of what makes up this unique marketplace, the state of the industry, and where things are headed across European cultures.

The demand for much-needed action sports research was 1st made apparent this summer with the impressive turnout of those who attended the European Boardsports Retailer Study Presentation at ispo trade show in Munich, Germany, June 29-July, 1, 2003. Presented by Label Networks and Boardsports ‘Source’ magazine, in co-operation with ispo, a diverse group of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and media from various European countries attended the daily seminar, which was based on topline findings. Manufacturers in attendance included Billabong’s European General Manager Stéphane Weinhold, and 3 of his senior management, European Marketing Manager from Vans, Peter Dericks, the founders of Nikita, Heida Birgisdottir and Runar Omarsson, Strategic Brand Manager from O’Neill, Norbert Pollemans, Westbeach President, Micky McDonald, President of Rusty Europe, Chris Kypriotis, VP of Sales and Marketing from DaKine, Pat Frodel, plus other senior representatives from Salomon, Globe, adidas, K2, Völkel, GenX, Smith, and many others. Retailers including chains such as Titus and Sport-Scheck, and many smaller shops, mixed with media ranging from Transworld Surf Business, Transworld Skateboarding Business, SAZ, Sporting Goods Intelligence, Le Journal du Textile, Surf Magazine, and Adrenaline Magazine, among others.

The European Boardsports Retailer Study 2003 is intended for businesses of all sizes and can be used as a basic research tool, a source for creating new business strategies, an affirmation for due diligence reports of existing campaigns, a resource for answering questions about the state of the board sports industry, or as a vehicle to help spark new ideas towards planning future marketing, advertising, or branding campaigns.

Results include profiles of the skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing industries supplied in the form of clear, quantitative charts, graphs, and tables in each section of the Study. Qualitative editorial summaries accompany each question for a quick-view and explanation of the most significant findings within that specific measurement. Cross-tabulations of the results provide insight from a pan-European perspective, by sport—skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing—and by country, including Germany, France, UK, and Italy.

Results in this European Boardsports Study 2003 include:

· Top selling brands: hardgoods and softgoods
· Top-selling Accessories
· Top-selling Videos
· Top-selling Magazines for Sources of New Product Information
· Volume of Hardgoods and Softgoods Sales
· Changes in Volume of Sales
· Inventory Purchasing Habits
· Key Influences in Purchasing Patterns
· Internet Usage: Sales, Ordering, Effects in the Future
· Customer Profiles by Surfing, Snowboarding, and Skateboarding
· Changes Affecting the Industry in the Next 6 Months
· Projected Growth Opportunities
· Future Concerns about the State of the European Board Sports Industry

Overall, the European Board Sports Retailer Study 2003 will provide the board sports industry and peripheral cultures with an important knowledgebasse and a vital research tool for making informed decisions towards planning successful business strategies in the future.

Cost of the Study is '¬1,500 or $1,650US and is available in either a 4-color, bound format or electronic file. Those interested in purchasing the European Boardsports Retailer Study 2003 may contact Label Networks at;; +310-745-3005 or Boardsports ‘Source’ Magazine;; A Purchase Agreement must be signed for confirmation, invoicing, and shipment before delivery.