Words by Jenna Kuklinski 

In order to build a fire, you need to chop some wood. In order to build a Bonfire Axe Jam snowboard event, you need to make a giant Bonfire axe jib and a mini pipe and put some rails and mailboxes on the side and make sure you tell a few rowdy dads to come by and hang out, because they may or may not bring with them some fireworks and minor explosives. All in good fun, of course.

March 24th went down at Big Boulder as the day of the second annual Bonfire Axe Jam. The mini pipe was perfectly groomed, the giant axe sat glittering at the base of the pipe taunting anyone who dare set their snowboard upon it in hopes of claiming the $100 cash prize for Best Axe Trick that day.

Locals and not-so-locals trecked out for the event. Joey B (HOW YA DOIN) was on the mic, alongside local emcee Tony Cardoni, the ICKS guys were there, as well as local rippers Dom Luza, Peter Pape, Jayell White, Paul Horning, Joe McEvoy, Kyle Earl, Ari Morrone, Swagslords and Christian Solberg.

Paul Horning with the sharp poke at the Bonfire Axe Jam. PHOTO: Shawn Kalatucka

There were mailboxes, there were tubes and there were rails set up along the sides, setting the stage for some creative transition riding that everyone could take advantage of. The namesake feauture sat at the bottom of the hill, but the mini pipe stepped up it's action in the second annual Bonfire x Big Boulder event. Jayell White and Joe McEvoy showed up with style on each of their hits, not only going big but also getting technical while they utilized every feature possible. The grom squad showed up in full force too, with a little kid named Graham taking on the mini pipe and impressing the parmesan-loving judges.

At the bottom of the course, the Axe loomed. It stood about 4 feet off the ground and dared each rider to throw their best trick at it for $100 cash. When things began to slow down in the mini pipe, the action moved to the Axe and anyone audacious enough to hit it. Christian Solberg impressed everyone in the area with his front blunt sameway from the side to the handle, and local teens stuck the obligatory front-flip off the wooden trunk of the end of the Axe.

Ultimately, it was Shane Weiss snagged himself a handful of $20's with a half cab 50 front flip off and gained the Best Trick title for 2018. Rider John Baker couldn't be ignored, however, and the judges deemed him the rider who was, "Keeping it Lit" and he won an honorary mention, as well as a Bonfire Outerwear jacket and pant kit from next year's line.

Huge shout out to Pat Morgan and the entire Big Boulder park crew for building one of the best parks in the east and hosting the Bonfire Axe Jam 2018. We'll be back again for round 3 next year and are looking forward to seeing what everyone throws down next time; will it be bigger? Will it be better? We certainly think so.

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