After a devastating fire that blazed through the Molly Manufacturing factory in White Salmon, Washington on July 13, the company has quickly picked up the pieces and relocated to Woodvillage, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

Luckily for Molly, local fire fighters arrived at the scene in time to spare the manufacturing equipment, which was only partially damaged by water and smoke. This made getting back into full production a little easier after the move from the burned building to the new location.

“There was a plan to move into a larger facility,” explained Ken Koopman, Molly’s public-relations director. “The fire just moved everthing along a little quicker.

The fire, move, and the damage to the equipment hasn’t slowed Molly down. In fact, they expanded their number of employees in order to keep the plant open around the clock to fill more than 20,000 snowboard orders for this season.

“We’ve added three shifts and weekends to keep up with the orders,” Koopman said. “Molly is really committed to the delivery of the products. Even after the fire, none of the orders were canceled¿there was just a slight delivery schedule adjustment.”

¿Holly Betts