We all know that trends come and go and at the moment, those in the board industry are riding high on the popularity wave. This is good for manufacturers, but difficult for retailers who were barraged with a near doubling in choices from hard- to softgoods for the ’95-’96 season. In a random survey of 25 shops nationwide, we learned a little bit about how these retailers were coping with the growth in the market.

Did you go to Vegas?Yes: 80 percentNo: 20 percent (All shops east of the Rockies.)

Did you do over 80 percent of your order writing at Vegas? Yes: 75 percentNo: 25 percent

The most common answer to why retailers didn’t write all of their orders at the show:”Not enough time.”

Did you order from more or less hardgoods companies?Same: 40 percentMore: 40 percentLess: 20 percent Those that reported ordering less so that they could “go deeper” with companies they already deal with: 100 percent

Did you order more or less softgoods?Same: 25 percentMore: 35 percentLess: 45 percent

Those that ordered less softgoods so that they could “go deeper” with companies they already deal with: 80 percent

Overall, did you order more or less this year?Same: 10 percentMore: 75 percentLess: 15 percent

What’s Out There? A brief outerwear survey:

What colors were the most popular this year?Khaki, light blue, pink.

What was the most popular style this year?”A lot of retro coming-down-the-Pike look.”¿Andy Fetzko, owner, The Head Board, Pittsburgh, PA

“Last year was the same as this year in the men’s stuff.” ¿Tait Schneider, manager, Shred Shop, Skokie, IL

“More of the skater style.”¿Steve Swanson, manager, Ventura Ski & Snowboard, Ventura, CA

“There was so much there, it’s hard to say.”¿Darren Chase, manager, Boise Board Co., Boise, ID

Did you buy a women’s line this year?Yes: 100 percentNo: 0 percent

Did you buy a women’s line last year?Yes: 30 percentNo: 70 percent