In this issue you’ll find a Pro Spotlight on Kazu Kokubo, a piece about the trials of sibling shred careers featuring the Mitranis, the Michilots, the Helgasons, and the Kotsenburgs. There’s also a travel story on Scotland (yes, they have mountains there) and a trip with the Volcom team to Jackson Hole exploring their insane snowfall. Oh, and we got the Frends Crew, Halldor Helgason, and Forest Bailey together to watch them destroy the park at Sierra-at-Tahoe.


Kazu Kokubo is a snowboarders snowboarder. A riders rider as they say. Find out a little bit more of the inside scope about Kazu in this Pro Spotlight, written by Colin Whyte.

There have always been families in snowboarding. From the Hatchetts, to the Andersons, to the Jacksons. Take a look at some of the new family shredders that are making a big impact on the scene these days.

Scotland. Not your first choice for a shred vacation. But that’s OK. After checking out this profile, you might want to reconsider. Video coming soon…


Bryan Iguchi, Kevin Jones, and the Volcom team spent a good chuck of last winter in Jackson Hole. They did so for a good reason, Jackson got pummeled with snow! The Guch explains why Jackson is the shit in this essay.

The Frends Crew, Halldor Helgason, and Forest Bailey went to Sierra At Tahoe. They ripped, we documented, now it’s your turn to read and get hyped.