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The upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have their fair share of controversy surrounding them, from the record 51 billion dollars it cost to get Sochi ready to Russia’s human rights troubles. Specific to snowboarding, there’s the on-going battle between the TTR and FIS over which organization should be snowboarding’s rightful Olympic governing body. And for some, there’s the feeling that snowboarding shouldn’t be in the Games at all. As we put together this issue we wanted to bring you a better understanding of some of these problems through our Shaking Hands With The Devil and the Two Faces Of Russia features. In our Variables section we look at some more of the problems behind the Olympics and to keep things a little lighter, there’s a piece on some of the great moments in Olympic history, like when Ross Rebagliati tested positive for THC and the IOC tried to take his gold medal away and the time Scotty Lago got kicked out of Canada after photos emerged of a babe on her knees polishing his bronze medal with her lips.

With slopestyle making it’s debut in the Olympics, you’ll also find a feature interview with the slopestyle gold medal favorite, Mark McMorris. Mark talks about growing up in the flats of Saskatchewan, his competitive nature, and the made-for-TV rivalry between him and Shaun White.


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