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Nate Bozung has gained notoriety over the last few years. He’s gone from good boy to bad and back again. Often criticized for not being an all-around snowboarder, Nate’s been praised by many as one of the most progressive jibbers out there. And he’s just getting started.

Why don’t you hit any jumps in True Life?
I can jump-I can hold my own, and I’m not worried. It seems to be a big worry for everyone in the snowboard industry, “Why doesn’t he have jumps?
” Who cares?
And I’m not saying that to save my career. I don’t want to compare it to skating because you can’t really, but look at Jamie Thomas-all he has is rails-Muska, Adrian Lopez. It’s just mainly what I did last year, and they’re harder and better anyway.

How long have you been riding?
Seven years.

Did you ever have professional aspirations with skateboarding?
I never planned on being a pro snowboarder. I just wanted to be a pro skateboarder. That might sound lame, but you have to have goals. Somehow, snowboarding just happened, but I still skate whenever I can.

Were you ever sponsored?
I rode for Globe a little bit. I got boards from Vision Skateboards. I was fifteen, and as soon as I realized it the company was dumb, I was like, “I’d rather buy my boards,” and I just quit. They gave me an ad in a Thrasher, though-that was pretty cool.

What prompted you to start snowboarding?
I was always a skier in California because my dad was on ski patrol. When I moved to Utah, there was just more snowboarding, so I did it in the winter because I couldn’t skate, and I started hanging out with Jordan Mendenhall, and we would go.

How did riding while you were in high school work out?
My junior year, Jordan and I took off every other day to go snowboarding and did home school. School sucks. It’s such a hoax.

Did you graduate?

Are your parents mad that you didn’t go on your Mormon mission?
No, not at all. My parents are the coolest. They’re stoked on whatever makes me happy.

You’ve had a lot of publicity about your underage partying in the past, what made you stop?
I just got over it. I felt like I had stuff to do and wasn’t ready to celebrate yet. My body was starting to get ruined-I felt like crap and couldn’t go skate every day. It seems like I’m not a kid anymore. I have all these responsibilities to pay bills and do other stuff that I wasn’t doing because I was getting a little out of control.

Do you feel yourself getting older?
I’m twenty-that’s still so young. More than half the pro snowboarders out there are 24 or 25. So no, I don’t think I’m getting old.

How did you get involved with Forum?
My cousin moved to Utah five months before I did and started hanging out with Jeremy Jones and JP. She knew they skated, so after a while she was like to me, “You guys should go skate.” I started skating with them and Jason Murphy. It grew from skating to snowboarding over a three-year period. I was just this little bum. I would just park my car up at Jeremy and JP’s houses, crash for two weeks, and milk off them. But I guess they thought I was good. Pretty much they put me on the team, I give those guys the credit.

Is there an element in snowboarding you wish would go away?
The political side of snowboarding. It’s dumb. It gets you sidetracked from what you’re really supposed to do. You’re just supposed to snowboard and have fun, but when all the money gets thrown at you and all the other stuff, it gets stressful. You don’t want to deal with it, and it makes you get over wanting to go out and ride.

So you don’t like having money thrown at you?
No, I’m not saying that. I love that.

Do you still have fun every time you go riding?
Yeah, but sometimes filming takes away the fun. Filming is the job part of it, so you’re not really expecting to have this happy-go-giggly time. You’re going to get your gnar stuff, to get scared and try to do your best. But that’s what days of not filming are for, when you juust go freeriding with your friends and find little ollies and stuff. You have to know how to separate it. But filming can be fun. That feeling when you do something and you’re just like, “Yeah! I can’t believe I just did that” or, “Whew, glad to get that off my chest.”

Do you try as hard snowboarding when the camera isn’t running?
Last year, no, to be honest. I mean I still do stuff, but it’s pretty gnarly when you have the camera on. It’s life and death at some points. People don’t realize how gnarly it is. If you have the right frame of mind and you think you can do it, you can. It’s scary, but you have to know what your limit is. We just talked about snowboarding for like twenty minutes. Let’s talk about hot babes or something.

Who were you talking to on the phone in True Life?
Everyone thinks it’s this young girl, but she’s in college. I just said “school.” She’s the hottest girl, but she kind gave me the run around, so I had to give her the boot. I don’t like her anymore.

I heard girls still get mad at you for the comment you made about the weight limit in your house in your Check Out. It’s been a year since that interview, and recently this girl I was hanging out with got mad at me for it. She’s not a snowboarder chick or anything, and she somehow read it and got pissed at me. I was like, “You can’t get mad at me, that was a year ago.”

Do you think you’re more girl crazy than most other snowboarders?
No, I’m just always the one who seems to be talking about it. Then again, I am hanging out with 25 year olds who all have girlfriends, and I’m this twenty-year-old walking hormone. What else is there to talk about, though?
It’s not like you can talk about snowboarding all day.

How does this compare to the time you spend snowboarding?
I snowboard retarded amounts compared to how much I hang out with chicks.

What about Britney Spears?
Are you still into her?
Are you kidding, have you seen her new video?
Of course I still like her. When I say “I like Britney,” I’m not saying I like her music. She’s hot. The first time I saw the video I was with this girl, and I couldn’t get all stoked on it, so I had to play it cool like I didn’t really care how hot she was. But the second time I saw the video … Lately I’ve just been into models like Gisele BÅndchen.

Shout outs.My family-my mom and my dad for supporting me, my two brothers, and my sister. Every photographer and filmer who’s ever taken photos or taken the time to film me. Thanks to Mikey and J2 for showing me the ropes. Thanks to all my friends, they know who they are. 5P, all my old roommates, the Nefs, everyone at FourStar, all my sponsors, the Electric boys, Raul, Marcus, and Mack Dawg. Whitey, because he was the first guy to film me and give me a part. All the Mack Dawg filmers, everyone I’ve met through snowboarding, everyone at MiloSport and Nixon. Shorty’s and Zero for decks. All the Wildcats-shout out to Canada-Chris Dufficy, the whole Forum team. Steve Ruff, my partner in crime. Twitty and everyone who sends me clothes who aren’t my sponsors. Richards, Rucker, and all the guys I stayed with back in the day. Mitch, Brandon, Jason, and A.J. All the distributors. And Matty Ryan because he’s sick at snowboarding. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it weren’t for Jordan Mendenhall, Jeremy, and JP.

Poll QuotesIt seems to be a big worry for everyone in the snowboard industry, “Why doesn’t he have jumps?
” Who cares?

I’m this twenty-year-old walking hormone.

When I say “I like Britney,” I’m not saying I like her music.