Features 14.6:Interviews Intro

In the fourteen years TransWorld has been putting out this snow mag, we’ve “conducted” 176 interviews-I counted.

Some people, who actually read the mag, have said, “Interviews are boring.” It’s not the interviews that are boring, it’s the questions or the answers; or maybe the interviewer was so boring that they rubbed off on the subject. Whatever the case may be, the snowboarding skills of the riders who’ve been chosen for interviews over the years have been anything but boring. Maybe if we had some insight to a rider’s personality we could figure out why they’re so good. Maybe they could divulge some huge secret that would make better riders. Maybe we just need a little inspiration of our own.

Romain De Marchi, Arild Brun Kjeldaas, Risto Scott, Paavo Tikkanen, and Gigi RÅf were chosen because their riding is the exact opposite of boring. Luckily, they have distinctive personalities, which in part match their riding styles: electric, powerful, consistent, explosive, and simple, raw talent.They hail from Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Finland, and Austria. They are five of the most progressive riders of the ’99/00 season. Their ability is at a level that pushes and helps define the standards of professional snowboarding. They are all relatively normal guys. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by their words and photos as much as we are.