Features 14.5:Todd Richards Intro

I first met Todd Richards back in the summer of ’92. Some friends and I were skating a spot in Boulder, Colorado when Todd rolled up in a black GTI, his face deeply racooned from some early summertime halfpipe riding. I’d cut my finger and asked him if he had a rag or something in his car I could use to stop the bleeding. Without hesitation he pulled the shirt from his back, tore off a sleeve, and gave it to me, a total stranger to him at that time.Through the years I’ve come to realize this little act of generosity and selflessness is what personifies Mr. Richards. Although he started as a somewhat uptight East Coaster, he’s since mellowed out quite a bit and is one of the funniest guys to hang out with. His good attitude, lack of superstar ego, and efforts to give something back to the sport of snowboarding are the reasons he’s where he is today. And if he doesn’t win the gold, I’m never speaking to him again.-Mark Gebhart