Features 14.5: Travis Parker

Hello, I’m a dreamer. I dream of starting up my electric sled that doesn’t cough up the two-stroke smoke those gas-powered sleds do pollute. This electric sled will quietly get me to a peaceful mountaintop early in the morning before all the other dudes are even awake. I will buckle into my shred sled and be free with the snow and the mountains. I will escape the darkness of the world. I will snowboard with my friends, and we will laugh and say stupid things only we understand. And when I get home, I will cook a good meal, start a fire, tell stories, and reflect on the day. I will be thankful for such a blessed life.

The next day I will work on an interview because the weather won’t cooperate. I will talk on the phone all day. I will get frustrated and scream things people don’t want to hear. I will force myself to be silent in order to keep this dream alive. I will never stop dreaming of beautiful things. I will be thankful that snowboarding has no boundaries. I will remember it is all about the fun. I came from Texas, I lived in a trailer house-anything is possible.-Travis Parker


T-very damn TALANTED.
R-makes you ROLL on the ground with laughter.
A-ALWAYS ready to try anything, no matter how silly.
V-VENTRILOQUIST with those funny bird calls.
I-high INSURANCE rates with his new Audi.
S-SINGLE for all the ladies out there.
-Andrew Crawford

“The other night we were on a shoot in Garmisch, Germany. The sun had gone down, and the light was fading fast. Travis was trying to learn a new trick; he was so stoked on snowboarding it didn’t matter to him it was almost pitch black. It’s that desire that separates him from the crowd.”-Chris Engelsman

“Travis Parker? Shiiiiiiit, heh heh, now that’s the guy everybody wishes they knew. For the reals, that’s a genuine, funny, real cool mothaf-ker who puts me in a good mood every time I see him. Serious man, I was havin’ the worst day ever one time and ol’ Trav popped up and bam-everything was all good again. I ain’t playin’. He’s got a gang of crazy positive energy comin’ out his ears, passin’ it on to everybody around him. Plus, that fool’s got mad skills on his snowboard, but he don’t let it go to his head, unlike a lot of other bitch-asses in this industry who think they’re so damn fresh or somethin’! My boy Travis puts the egos in check and shrinks the heads when he snowboards, except without the wack attitude.”-Marc Frank Montoya

“Parker is one of the funniest kids I’ve ever known. We’ve had a lot of fun times together. He always seems to find the humor in the situation. Three years ago we were in Switzerland for Board AID Europe. We had gotten there three day’s early and were enjoying the free time at one of the local bars. It was just him, me, and a bunch of drunk locals. It wasn’t our idea of a good time, in fact it was down-right boring. There wasn’t shit going on. There were about ten high school kids dancing on the dance floor and they were doing some kind of macarena shit. So Parker gets up, runs over, and starts shaking his ass with them. Next thing you know, Parker has them all doing the chicken dance! And they’re doing it in a line around the bar! I was laughing my ass off. He single-handedly changed the atmosphere. I got a really good photo of him leading around a bunch of people in full chicken stance.”It’s that kind of thing that separates Parker from the rest of us, not to mention his dope-ass riding skills. Parker is an all-round badass. Except for the sink incident … “-Bobby Meeks

“The first time I met Travis was in 1996. He was living in Vail and had been riding for K2 for just a short time. I was there to get some shots for K2, and one of the photos they ended up using in their catalog was a picture of Travis doing a very stinky Indy. He hated the shot-not only did K2 use it twice in the catalog, but Volkswagon bought it as well and used it for a P.O.P. display. Poor Travis, he’s always been extremely picky about photos-which is a good thing. You can be a little too picky and Travis is borderline, but in the end it’s for the best and keeps him striving for perfection. “Travis has come a long way in the past four years; he’s now one of K2’s top riders and probably one of the most sought-after riders by other companies as well as photographers. He has a disposition people love and the skills on a snowboard to keep him around for years to come. It’s people like Travis who make working in the snowboard industry enjoyable. I’m happy to have him as a really good friend.”-Nate Christenson

Here is what I’m thankful for:
My mom; my brother; my dad and stepmom; my grandad; Uncle Carlos and Aunt Nancy; Canyon and Chase; Aunt Lane; Uncle Boyd and Nancy; Audrey and Richard; Aunt Marianne; Uncle Louie and Uncle Terry; Mi Mi and De Doc; cousins Pat, Tracy, Jord, Jason, Brian and wife Holly; good ole Uncle Tom and Aunt Sandra; Blair, Monty, and little Trey; Aunt Bonny; Uncle Mike; Uncle Mark; Uncle Dave; Uncle Harry; God; old stepdad Chuck; old stepmom Lee; old stepsisters who I can’t remember their names; and Aunt Margeret.Thanks to all my friends I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of help from friends. Thank you, Doug Bowman. This man bought my season pass at Vail back in ’95, and he’d only known me for one day. I paid him back, but that’s pretty cool to go out on a limb like that for someone.Thanks to K2 for my first real contract, which consisted of 200 bucks a month and photo incentive. That was back in ’96. Billinghurst, Hayley, Luke, and Brent have been a huge impact on my personal success even if they did force-feed me clickers. Just joking, that was my decision. Seriously.Thanks to all my current sponsors, Sessions, DC, GMC, Milosport, and Snowaccess-thank you for the support. I really mean that.-Travis